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Founders 2016

What is Founders?

Founders is a hard fought annual competition between the founding colleges of Lancaster University, Bowland and Lonsdale. It is a long standing tradition for Lancaster University and is one of the biggest events on the university calendar and the highlight for many Bowlanders and Lonsdalians, both past and present.

Once a year we celebrate our sporting rivalry with Lonsdale College in a weekend of competition to find out which is the greatest of the university’s founding colleges. Both colleges compete in a variety of sports such as basketball, football and cricket. Also included are bar sports, a boat race and a quiz. With over 17 sports and 27 events Founders involves everyone in each college, whether playing or spectating. This year we introduced a debating competition and a golf tournament – so there really was something for everyone.

This year Founders took place from 9th – 12th June and saw Lonsdale retain their victory.