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International Students

Welcome to Bowland College

As an international student we hope that you will enjoy all that Bowland has to offer, no matter where you come from, we aim to make your university experience an enjoyable one.

You can connect with other international students  coming to study at the college by joining the International Facebook Page. Our International Student Rep, Jerry Li will be monitoring the page and will be happy to answer any questions that you have, or you can email Jerry directly.

Deciding to study in another country can be exciting and daunting, and you will experience a lot of changes and potential differences, such as weather, food, customs and teaching methods. The UK Council for International Student Affairs has lots of resources to help you prepare for academic life in the UK.

To make things a little easier, kitchen essentials and bedding packs can be purchased online in advance , your purchases will then be placed in your study room ready for when you arrive. To order online go to click2campus.

Prepare for Success is an interactive web learning tool which explains the different aspects of academic life in the UK, such as study skills, teaching methods and managing your coursework.

International Student Calculator is a tool to help manage your money and budget for living and studying in the UK.

Life at Lancaster also provides key information on important practical issues for when you arrive.

Culture Shock

It is perfectly normal to experience some culture shock and homesickness and we are available to help support you through this transitional phase. If you do experience difficulties then please contact a member of staff or a member of the welfare team who will be able to provide support and ways to help you feel more at home.

College Membership Fee

All students are required to pay a one-off college membership fee. This is only paid once during your time at university, student receive further details about this payment when they arrive.