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College Travel Award – apply for a travel award for Summer!

Travel awards are available to students who wish to travel for a course, conference, expedition project or study visit for which the outcome will benefit either your academic studies or job prospects.

If you are planning on undertaking voluntary activities in the UK or abroad during the Easter or Summer vacation period you can apply for a travel award (between £50-£150).  Activities should be for the benefit of your academic studies or future employment, however we are unable to support compulsory elements of your degree scheme. Completed forms should be emailed to Lorna Harrison or taken into Lorna in the college office.

Applications open on Friday 21st April and will close at 5pm on Friday 2nd June.


A condition of receiving the award is to write a report of at least 500 words (750 max) to be submitted to the Bowland College Office.

The student submitting the best travel report from recipients of the Easter and Summer travel grants will receive the Meredith Award, named for Professor David Meredith, Principal of Bowland College 1984-1989.

Lancashire and Cumbria Scholarship

Are you a mature student? Are you joining Bowland College as a first year? Do you live in the Lancashire and Cumbria regions?

We have two awards of £500 each available to incoming first year mature students from the Lancashire and Cumbria regions. Students with dependants who have costs associated with child-care, disabled students and students with special needs are eligible for this award.

All first year mature students who are, or who will be, members of Bowland College and who have a home address postcode within the Lancashire or Cumbria region and meet the criteria are eligible to apply.

This award is now closed for the academic year 2016/17.

The Willcock Scholarship

The Willcock Scholarship was established to commemorate Professor Malcolm Willcock’s period as Principal of the College.  The awards are intended to provide financial assistance to current Bowland undergraduates (including integrated Masters) who are in good academic standing but facing unexpected long-term financial or other difficulties which are beyond their control and which jeopardise their continuing study at Lancaster University.

Applications for this scholarship will be accepted between Friday 28th April until 5pm on Friday 26th May 2017.

Willcock Scholarship information and application details

The Saunders Award

Dr Ian Saunders was Principal of the College for 10 years, from 1989 to 1999. The Saunders Award is awarded to final year Bowland students who have shown outstanding contribution to college activities. Recipients of the award are nominated jointly by the JCR Exec and the Senior Members of the College.

Congratulations to our 2016 Saunders Award Winners: Daniel Pegden, Connor Early-Pickersgill and Molly Sander. 

The Bevington Award

Professor John Bevington was the first Principal elected within Bowland College in September 1964 and served until 1966. The Bevington Award is given for outstanding academic performances by Bowland students in their first year.

Any queries about the awards and scholarships can be directed to Lorna Harrison, Bowland College Manager at bowland@lancaster.ac.uk.

Congratulations to our 2016 Bevington Award Winners: Luhtu Murphy and Fugui Huang.