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One of the fouBowland Collegending colleges of Lancaster University, Bowland is the very heart of our campus and is named after the Forest of Bowland, an area of outstanding natural beauty which sits to the east of Lancaster. We are centrally located with campus facilities such as the library, lecture theatres, the Learning Zone, shops and our own bar ‘The Trough of Bowland’ all within a five minute walk from our residences.


Bowland is unique, with it’s own accommodation and social space and a vibrant and diverse range of students. We have a great sense of community and invite everyone to get involved and take advantages of the opportunities available.  

There are inter-college competitions such as a sustainability competition and inter-collegiate quiz challenge, and new for this year is a debating competition. Whether you choose to take an active role or join iCarter Shieldn the audience, supporting college activities is what counts. 

With three men’s football teams and three women’s netball teams as well as pool and darts teams for both men and women, sport provides an opportunity to represent your college, however there are plenty of opportunities to play sport just for fun.

GraduationYou have the chance to be elected to the JCR Exec, apply for a vacation travel grant, win an award for outstanding contribution to college activities and get recognised for outstanding academic achievements. With a warm atmosphere and plenty of friendly faces, we really do have something for everyone. So if you want to be the best, be Bowland.